Asphalt Paving Services for Lubbock, TX & the Surrounding Areas

Daley's Superior Asphalt Paving operates the largest asphalt batching plant in West Texas. As a high-quality asphalt manufacturer, we're proud to supply both commercial and residential asphalt paving services to clients throughout the West Texas area. For over three generations, our paving contractor has served those in Lubbock, Plainview, San Angelo, Midland, Pecos, Odessa, Amarillo, and Abilene, TX. From parking lots to driveways, byways and runways, our team has the training, experience, and equipment to get the job done right. As a leader in the paving and asphalt industry, we’re committed to not only staying up to date with modern asphalt and paving practices, but also to quality, reliability and caring for our customers. The customer-to-business relationship was a founding philosophy that’s carried our team of professionals for over 30 years of paving in Texas.

The Benefits of Crack Sealing

Any moisture can trickle down into lower layers and create cracking. At Daley's Superior Asphalt Paving, we use a sealant to bond the walls around the crack. This bonds the walls together before the crack can worsen. Some benefits to crack sealing your paved surface are:

Saved Money – routine maintenance will keep further damage from occurring, extending the life of your surface.
Attractive – a cracked asphalt surface is unsightly, so crack sealing can help make it more aesthetically appealing.

Common cracking includes transverse and alligator cracking. The former looks like longitudinal cracking that runs parallel to the centerline, while the latter has the appearance of a reptile’s skin and results from heavy loads.

Crack Sealing in Texas: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do cracks form?

A: Heavy loads, moisture penetration, fluctuating temperatures and many other factors can result in cracked pavement.

Q: Why can’t I leave the crack alone if it doesn’t seem extensive?

A: A neglected paved surface can result in more damage, so a crack should be addressed and fixed immediately.

Q: When is crack sealing not the right service?

A: If the crack has remained unaddressed for a long period of time, the issue has likely turned into something worse. If the crack has grown into a bigger structural problem, more extensive services may be needed to restore the surface.

Q: How long is the process?

A: This process depends on the size of the project, and we can give you a better idea of this once we assess your needs. Once we’re done, the material cools within minutes.