Chip Sealing in Lubbock TX

Chip sealing is an effective, affordable solution trusted by residential, commercial, and municipal clients.

First, debris is removed from the surface, the area is cleaned and holes are patched. Then, we spray the area with hot liquid asphalt and use a chip spreader to apply the crushed gravel. Last, a heavy roller is used to compress loose gravel to make a smooth surface.

Chip sealing creates a moisture barrier to protect layers below from damage from the elements. Also, the surface becomes skid-resistant.

Chip sealing is far more affordable, as the installation process is different from conventional asphalt surfacing.

Most paved driveways are ideal for chip sealing. Just call our team and we can assess your driveway and let you know if this process will work for you.

If you want the look of regular asphalt paving, chip sealing may not be the right option for you. It can also be harder to maintain.

Most chip-sealed surfaces can be used within one to three hours. 

Count on chip sealing for the following benefits:

  • Low Cost:
    Chip sealing is around a fourth to a fifth of the cost of a conventional asphalt overlay, offering huge cost savings to customers.
  • Less Maintenance:
    Chip sealing causes cracks to reseal during hot weather.
    Better Traction – the texture of chip seal provides resistance to skidding, ensuring more safety on otherwise dangerous roads.
  • Lower Temperatures:
    Chip seal doesn’t absorb heat like normal asphalt, meaning it tends to be cooler.
    No Downtime – chip seal is a quick process and hardens quickly, which means you can use the surface much sooner.

Chip Sealing Service

The first step in getting a Chip Sealing Service is to prepare the surface. Once the surface is prepared, it should be protected from traffic and other damage from all directions. A trained professional should also remove loose gravel before starting the sealing process, as these can damage the new surface. If you choose to have the sealers do the chip sealing process, be sure to hire a company that has experience and expertise in this area. The results will be worth the expense, and your car will look great for many years to come.

Chip seal

A chip sealing service can help you make your pavement look like new again. Chip seals are made from a combination of small stones and a specialized emulsion. When you use chip seals, they must be applied before the binder sets. Brooming too soon can ruin the new surface. Experts at GPM know the best practices to apply chip seals and can help you choose the right type of emulsion for your needs.

Fog seal

To extend the life of fog seals, chip sealing service providers apply emulsified asphalt to roadways. Emulsifiers allow asphalt to remain in a liquid state and prevent excessive heating. This method is especially effective on larger roadway projects. However, the process has disadvantages, including the need for heavy equipment. Here are a few advantages of fog seals. Read on to learn more. This method is a great complement to chip sealing.

Slurry seal vs chip seal

Slurry seals are a good, economical alternative to chip-sealed roads. They can last longer than chip-sealed pavements and don't contain loose aggregate. Slurry seals can withstand turning traffic as well as straight-line traffic, but the difference between these two types of pavements lies in their application. Chip-sealed roads have a more uniform, smooth surface than slurry-sealed roads. Type I slurry contains about an eighth of an inch of aggregate and is typically used in low-wear areas where maximum crack penetration is needed.

Cost of chip seal

While asphalt repaving is a popular option for driveways, the price of chip seal is much less than for asphalt. This is because chip seal requires less material and is cheaper per square yard. However, the price varies considerably from driveway to driveway. Chip seal requires some setup costs, which are proportionate to the size of the job. However, because long, straight sections require less handwork, chip seal costs are much lower.

Maintenance of chip seal

Chip seal is a protective wearing surface that can be applied to new pavements. It can also be applied to aging pavements with surface distress. The chip sealing process slows the aging process of paved roads and reduces the need for frequent resurfacing. Although chip seals are relatively inexpensive, they can pose a few inconveniences to motorists. These may include dust, loose gravel, and one-way traffic. Travelers should also slow down while driving until the loose gravel is completely removed.