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Daley's Superior Asphalt offers chip-seal paving services to customers in Lubbock, West Texas, and Eastern New Mexico. Chip-seal paving is a cost-effective alternative to traditional asphalt paving and can be used for roads, driveways, parking lots, and other surfaces. Chip-seal paving involves spreading a thin layer of asphalt and covering it with gravel chips. This process provides a durable, skid-resistant surface that is also resistant to damage from weather and heavy traffic. With our years of experience and expertise in the field, we can help you choose the right chip-seal paving solution for your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about our chip-seal paving services!


Chip seal

The benefits of chip seal paving include:

1.) Cost-effective: Chip seal paving is a cost-effective alternative to full asphalt repaving and requires minimal maintenance, making it an affordable option for many homeowners and businesses.

2.) Low maintenance: Chip seal paving is resistant to cracking, fading and other forms of weathering, so it requires very little maintenance over time.

3.) Aesthetically pleasing: The addition of a layer of rock or gravel can enhance the look of your property and add curb appeal.

4.) Durable: The combination of asphalt and rock creates a strong and long-lasting surface that can withstand heavy traffic and inclement weather conditions.

5.) Environmentally friendly: Chip seal paving is made from natural materials and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

When you choose Daley's Superior Asphalt for your chip seal paving needs, you can expect quality workmanship and expert advice from our experienced and knowledgeable team. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your paving project is completed on time, within budget and to your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our chip seal paving services.

frequently asked questions (faq)

Q: What is the chip sealing process like?

A: First, debris is removed from the surface, the area is cleaned and holes are patched. Then, we spray the area with hot liquid asphalt and use a chip spreader to apply the crushed gravel. Last, a heavy roller is used to compress loose gravel to make a smooth surface.

Q: How does chip sealing enhance safety?

A: Chip sealing creates a moisture barrier to protect layers below from damage from the elements. Also, the surface becomes skid-resistant.

Q: Why not just go with a conventional asphalt overlay?

A: Chip sealing is far more affordable, as the installation process is different from conventional asphalt surfacing.

Q: How do I know if chip sealing is right for my driveway?

A: Most paved driveways are ideal for chip sealing. Just call our team and we can assess your driveway and let you know if this process will work for you.

Q: When would chip sealing not be effective?

A: If you want the look of regular asphalt paving, chip sealing may not be the right option for you. It can also be harder to maintain.

Q: How long will it be until I can use the chip-sealed surface?

A: Most chip-sealed surfaces can be used within one to three hours. 


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